120rd Advanced Polymer Mid- Cap AR-15/M4 Magazine - Black

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Advanced magazine with a slim body design with aggressive texturing for a better grip. Made of impact resistant polymer. Compatible with most AEG at the market, including Arcturus, Cyma, APS, GG, King Arms, AK etc.

Mid-cap magazines must be prepared in particular way before first usage. Steps that must be made:
  • during first usage, magazine MUST NOT be fully loaded with bb's,
  • before first usage, magazine SHOULD be oiled with silicon oil for better working,
  • during first usage, magazine SHOULD be loaded with few bb's and subsequently core out. After magazine SHOULD be loaded with 10 bb's more than first time and subsequently core out. Activity SHOULD be repeated until full mag capacity will be achieved.
  • REMEMBER, If magazine is stored, it MUST be empty,
  • REMEMBER to regularly oil the magazine with silicon oil.
NOTE! This magazine requires a loading tool or Speedloader to fill it up.