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The M82 Barrett is a semi-automatic anti-materiel long range rifle used by the United States Army since 1989 and by many units and armies worldwide. In the United States Army, it is also known as M107 or "Light Fifty."Caliber 50 BMG. The M82 is available in two variants: the original M82A1 / M82A3 and the M82A2, which is the bullpup version of the M82 Barret Family.

The airsoft spring model is an exact replica of the legendary rifle. Snow Wolf produced it under Barret license in collaboration with 6mm Pro Shop. All of the engraved markings on the airsoft rifle are original.

A such iconic rifle needs to have a solid construction, that why this airsoft rifle is made almost entirely of metal (including steel), the only elements made of high-quality plastic are the pistol grip and magazine. The body, RIS rail, barrel cover, bi-pod, and transport handle are made of metal, while the butt pad is made of rubber to increase the comfort of use.
On the top of the rifle, you will find a Picatinny rail 22 mm which gives the option to mount different [optic] sight. With the airsoft rifle, you will find a carrying handle with a RIS mount, useful when carrying this massive airsoft rifle.

The set includes :

• The Barrett M82 airsoft rifle.
• Mid-cap Magazine 100 bbs