Crazy Jet Inner Barrel Chamber Set For HI-Capa Series

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A set of an innovative barrel and a precise hop-up chamber with ML 70 hop-up rubber and I-Key delayer provide increased range, surprising accuracy and precise regulation of the projectile's flight path.

Crazy Jet Barrel Maple Leaf is a barrel with a completely new design.
Maple Leaf designed a barrel whose end part has a double wall.
When the bullet passes this peculiar collar, gases pushing the bb have the ability to travel with this collar.
These gases form an air tunnel with a ball in the center. This tunnel "paves" the bullet path. It makes it resistant to weather conditions (humidity, side blow), while increasing the accuracy and range.

Perfectly fits the R601 Army Armament replica. In the R603 and 604 models it is too long and requires a silencer to be mounted in order to hide the protruding barrel.
Also in the KP05 replica it is too long compared to the original and requires the use of a silencer.
It does not match the KP06 replica and the Baba Yaga-SRC