CYMA CM.701 Sniper

CYMA CM.701 Sniper

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CM701 replica by CM is a spring-action replica of a popular, bolt-action sniper rifle. The cradle of the rifle was made very solidly from a high quality, reinforced polymer. The stock has a rubber stock pad. Two metal tactical sling swivels or bipod mounts are located on the replica’s cradle. The replica consists of two parts, which makes transport easier. Assembly of the replica lasts only a minute and requires the use of several hex screws.

Except for the cradle, all elements have been made from metal: single piece outer barrel, RIS rail, trigger guard, bolt mechanism with charging handle. Despite a relatively strong spring used in a stock replica, the reloading process is seamless – the mechanism is very well fitted and moves very smoothly.

Inside is a efficient, 430mm internal barrel and a spring mechanism based on a popular and proven VSR-10 system by Tokyo Marui. Right next to the grip is a trigger safety, which can be operated with a thumb. Hop-Up adjustment is conducted via a lever placed on the outer barrel. The option of adjustment is also available for the trigger of the replica.

The set comes with a polymer, 30 BB magazine.