CYMA - Chicago Typewriter

CYMA - Chicago Typewriter

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CYMA TYPEWRITER is a replica of a submachine gun made famous in the days of Prohibition-era in the United States as a weapon used by both gangsters and police, and during World War II by American soldiers. 

The buttstock, pistol grip, and foregrip are stylized on wood made of plastic. 

Magazine, receiver, frame group, bolt, bolt handle, safety, trigger, magazine catch and barrel are made of metal.

The mechanism of replicas based on version 6 gearbox, inside reinforced steel gear set.

Another plus of this model is the use of a directional piston head, which increases the performance of the whole mechanism.

NOTICE! Replica have a unique serial number!

Set included:

· Tommy Gun style replica

· 300rd magazine

· battery and charger


Hop up:    adjustable
Weight:    3700 g
Magazine model:    steel
Gearbox version: 6    
Battery connector type:    small Tamiya
Battery included in set:    YES
Material: metal, plastic
Color: black
Fire mode: auto, single