D-Ring COBRA FX45MVD combat belt (Size M) - Multicam Black [EM]

D-Ring COBRA FX45MVD combat belt (Size M) - Multicam Black [EM]

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The original buckle D-Ring COBRA FX45MVD was used in this belt.
The world's safest, most finely crafted, and strongest buckles. There is no comparison.

A modular tactical belt designed to hold your pants up and carry your holsters, pouches and other gear in the MOLLE system. Light and comfortable, it allows the operator for full modification and takes only necessary equipment. Included an inner belt and an outer MOLLE belt. The inner belt passes through the pants loops and the outer belt is attached to the velcro. The outer belt can be detached at any time and attached to the same position without changing the position of the gear. This belt system keeps your equipment in the same position each time.

The latest Austrialpin developement is a synergistic hybrid of two standard products of safety industry hardware: the parachute D-Ring and the ANSI cobra. The unique construction allows a central positioning and prevents the D-Ring from getting squeezed against the webbing and therefore guarantees easy handling.
ANSI D-Ring cobra Meets ANSI and CSA standards as well as salt fog and blowing sand test certifications.

The cobra locking mechanism is patented and guarantees highest safety. A one-sided opening of the lock is not possible even if the buckle is under load.

In combination with a fitting webbing, the minimum guaranteed load capacity of the cobra is up to 18 kN