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A replica manufactured by a renowned EMG company. Thanks to a license from American Falkor Defense, a manufacturer of parts for the live firearm original, the User can feast his eyes on the authentic designation and markings on the receiver as well as, more importantly, the shape of the magazine well.

The replica’s appearance was carefully imitated according to licensed parts for the live firearm original. The enlarged charging handle, custom high-speed trigger or an enlarged trigger guard allow for an easier operation of the replica. In addition, for the increased User comfort, manipulator buttons were double and appear on both sides of the replica. The external barrel has a left-handed, 14 mm thread which boasts a VG6 flash hider. 

The replica was made mainly of high-quality aluminum alloy, namely - the entire receiver, external barrel, stock slide, etc.  The stock and pistol grip were made of durable polymer. The replica features an RS2 telescopic stock with 5 position settings - it can be adjusted in length, which allows adapting the replica to the body type and preferences of the User. The battery is stored inside the stock slide.

Thanks to the top RIS 22 mm mounting rail and M-Lock accessory rails, it is possible to attach a wide array of additional accessories such as optical sights, lighting or tactical grips. The replica is equipped with one  QD tactical sling swivel - enabling the detachment with one press of a button. 

The heart of this replica consists of a new type "Silver Edge" gearbox. A unique technology has been used during the production process of this gearbox in order to assure the most accurate polish and finish of its elements. All this results in a significant improvement of the system’s performance and lifetime due to the reduced friction and, what follows, an increased smooth operation of the system’s components. It is equipped with a Quick Spring Change System that allows the User to change the muzzle velocity of the replica without having to open up the gearbox. Despite that, the construction is fully compatible with a majority of tuning parts available on the market and spare parts in TM V2 standard, which allows for easy replica tuning in case such need arises.   

The replica comes with a polymer Hi-Cap magazine with a capacity of up to 300 BBs.

Rifle comes with 3 month warranty