FRANCHI SPAS-12 Tri-Burst Combat Shotgun, Black

FRANCHI SPAS-12 Tri-Burst Combat Shotgun, Black

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The weapon features an Alloy Loading Tube And Barrel with Polymer Pump Guide, Receiver, Grip and Pump Handle and is branded with official FRANCHI trades for a more authentic look. The shotgun features a selection of the features seen on the real weapon, with integrated Ironsights for easier aiming, Front and Rear Sling Points as well as a Shaped pump designed to make it easier to use. This Airsoft Shotgun is specially designed, with three internal barrels meaning that with each shot the gun fires three rounds to more accurately simulate the spread of a Shotgun. The weapon holds BBs using a Shell System similar to other shotguns, with the shells individually loaded with 30 rounds, and then loaded into the bottom of the shotgun. The Window which protects and holds the shell in place is spring loaded, and released by a lever system located near the trigger meaning you can release shells with your right hand without it leaving the weapon and then use your left hand to reload. The shotgun features a Trigger Lock safety, preventing you from accidentally firing the weapon when not required. 


  • Licenced by ASG
  • Pump Action Shotgun
  • Rear Sling Loop Point
  • Built in Ironsights
  • Front Swivel Sling Loop
  • Trigger Lock Safety
  • Tri-Barrel System to fire 3 BBs at a time
  • Quick Release Shell Window with Extended Catch
  • Open the Shell Window with your Trigger Finger
  • Fixed Hop-up
  • Unfortunately does not protect you from Velociraptor
  • Branded:
    • 'Made in China'
    • 'SPAS-12 by'
    • 'FRANCHI'

Package Includes:

  • FRANCHI SPAS-12 Tri-Burst Combat Shotgun
  • Mock Shell Magazine

Special Instructions:

Be careful when racking this shotgun, as it is a little stiff to start with, and you can catch your fingers on the front of the pump as it returns if you are not wearing gloves or holding it properly.