G&G CM16 300 BOT

G&G CM16 300 BOT

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The weapon features an advanced 7'' KeyMod / 20mm RIS / RAS Handguard which allows for both KeyMod and 20mm accessories giving you access to a wider range of accessories, and a larger set of customization options. The handguard also features a left and right QD Sling connection point allowing you to quickly attach and remove slings.

The weapon features a standard V2 gearbox which is compatible with a huge range of aftermarket parts meaning repairs will never be a problem, and is rear wired to allow batteries to be stored in the stock. The wiring is also fused, meaning the weapon protects itself from malfunctions, protecting both the battery and weapon in case of a short. 

The weapon features an adjustable crane stock system, which can be set in up to six positions making it great for a wide range of Airsoft Player sizes and shapes, and has plenty of battery space to store both Li-Po and Ni-Mh style batteries. The butt plate is also rubberized to prevent slippage when shouldering the rifle.

This weapon is perfect for those Airsoft Skirmishers who are looking for a new weapon, or perhaps a reliable backup, which has all the bells and whistles of a more expensive weapon but at a great price point.

Gun also includes 6 month warranty