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G&G have been renowned as one of the best manufacturers of airsoft guns, with good reason. Their attention to what the market want means they consistently pump out quality models, covering a massive range.

As part of the GC16 series, this replica features a high quality metal receiver, along with metal handguard. You also get G&G's V3 ETU gearbox; 8mm bearings, micro-switch trigger, MOSFET, control unit, and a 25,000 rpm motor. As this is one of their higher end series, G&G have wired these for Deans (T-connector), which is a nice touch. If you're running Tamiya batteries, you'll need an adapter.

The PRK series features a tactical fire selector; it is easier to toggle modes whilst maintaining aim (you can use your index finger to switch, without taking your hand off the pistol grip), and also serves as a bolt catch. Rack the bolt back, flick up the selector into safe and it will hold the bolt in position allowing you to adjust your hop up with ease.

The PRK9L is a full length assault rifle, featuring the iconic 9mm magazine. It is a long-barreled rifle with a superb looking M-LOK handguard, as well as a foldable stock. Simply pull the stock up, and you can swing the stock out of your way (it covers the left side of the rifle, keeping the fire selector free). The top of the bolt cover is railed facilitating a myriad of optics setups - choose one that best suits your style! The ergonomic pistol grip suits a gloved hand perfectly, and it is extremely comfortable to hold.

As these feature G&G's ETU, we recommend using 11.1v Lipo batteries - the battery for this model can be stored under the bolt cover, or in the handguard. Simply undo the thumbscrew at the gas block, hinge off the top piece of the handguard, and you can see where G&G have left the handy compartment; there's even a specially designed plastic container to keep your nunchuck battery hidden! Alternatively you can hinge open the bolt cover, and slot your battery in there.

· aluminum dustcover
· metal AK style sights
· aluminum lower receiver with foldable stock
· polymer pistol grip
· polymer magazine
· dummy flash hider with a 14mm CCW thread
· comes with a 6 month warrenty