HG133B .357 Magnum 6 Inch Revolver GNB Silver

HG133B .357 Magnum 6 Inch Revolver GNB Silver

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More than a decade of experience and high quality at low prices speak for the range of HFC Taiwan.

The HFC HG-133B 6 ".357 Magnum Revolver from HFC is made entirely of metal and highly impact-resistant polymer. The frame, cylinder, hammer and barrel are made of metal, only the elegant handle in wood look is made of polymer .

The magazine is quickly filled with green gas and you can start. The NBB revolver delivers up to 300 fps (0.9 joules) out of the box.

The BBs are loaded into individual dummy cartridges , which drastically increases the degree of reality. The dummy cartridges are then loaded individually into the drum as with the original.

After firing, the dummy cartridges can be pushed out using the ejector rod , just like the original. The cartridges can be used again and again.

The HFC HG-133B 6 ".357 Magnum Revolver Greengas revolver with a single- and double-action trigger system.

The set includes:

- HFC HG-133B 6 ".357 Magnum Revolver
- 6 pieces of shells


  • Shot modes: Safe / Semi Auto
  • Material: metal + polymer
  • Length: 290 mm
  • Weight: 580 g