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Li-Po battery dedicated to electric guns, lasers and other equipment with a Tamiya connector.

For charging, use only chargers dedicated for li-po batteries.
The battery is connected to the charger through the balancer port.

During charging LiPo battery needs to be remembered:
  • Use *ONLY* a charger approved for lithium batteries.
  • Charging each time using the balancer is advisable. It is preferable to use it at least every 5 cycles of loading.
  • *DO NOT* leave battery without supervision when it is charging.
  • *DO NOT* use broken cells.
  • Avoid prolonged charging, it can cause battery damage.
  • If some anomalies are spotted, you must stop charging immediately.
  • To avoid the probability of electric shock first unplug the charger.
During usage LiPo battery needs to be remembered:
  • *DO NOT* exceed maximum discharge power. For example battery with a 2100 mAh capacity and 15C ratio means that the maximum discharge power can take the value 15x2100 mAh = 31500 mAh = 31,5A.
  • *DO NOT* discharge cells below 3 volts per cell. Under 3 volts chemical reactions start that ruin the cells capability to store a future charge.
  • To avoid an excessive cells discharging is advisable to use LiPo alarm. When dangerous limit voltage level per cell will be reached LiPo alarm gives sound.