M4 R.I.S - full metal (CM007)

M4 R.I.S - full metal (CM007)

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M4 RIS is popular model due to metal RIS foregrip. It allows to attach various aceessories, such as vertical grips, flashlights, mounts...etc. Battery is stored in Crane LMT stock.

Chinese manufacturer CYMA had decided to relese own M4/M16 series.  As it is usual, the gun is made of metal with many accessories. Among the advantages we can mention high velocity performance, working bolt catch, metal HopUp chamber and 8mm bearings.

Product parameters
General info
Operation AEG
Shooting mode single, full auto
Caliber 6 mm BB
Estimated performance


Length 790 / 870mm
Weight 3180g
Body material full metal
Gunstock Plastic, metal tube
Foregrip CNC RIS metal
Body markings no
Inner specs.
AEG compatibility yes
Inner barrel length 363mm
Gearbox version verze 2
Gearbox material metal alloy
Bearings 8 mm metal
Gears metal
Piston plastic, one metal teeth
Spring guide metal with the bearing
Piston head plastic
Nozzle plast
Motor standard with long axle
Hop-Up yes, adjustable, metal