Mosfet ASTER V2 Basic -Rear Wired [GATE]

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The ASTER is a control system for replicas equipped with a V2 gearbox such as M4, M16, AR15, T3, ...
It is the latest 4th generation advanced mosfet using optical sensors. It completely eliminates the contact cube from the replica, replacing it with a modern, programmable controller.
This mosfet can also work with tuned replicas - basic, medium and advanced (EXPERT software version)
ASTER is the "big brother" of the well-known TITAN model.
It is a "drop-in" mosfet supplied with cabling and all the elements needed during assembly.
A significant advantage is the ability to program using the trigger, via USB-Link / Blue-Link as well as the application!
We have at our disposal as many as 250 possible configurations of the trigger sensitivity and:
Fire mode
Burst mode
Battery protection
Active brake
Advanced settings