Mosfet TITAN V2 Basic - Rear Wired [GATE]

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The TITAN electronic control system, for replicas equipped with a V2 gearbox such as M4, M16, AR15, T3, ...
This mosfet is using optical sensors. It completely eliminates the contact cube from the replica, replacing it with a modern, programmable controller.
It is a "drop-in" mosfet supplied with cabling and all the elements needed during assembly.
By using this chip you have access to 20 different functions.
A great convenience is the ability to configure TITAN in the field using the Tactical Programming Card or simply using USB-Link and the GATE Control Station computer application as well as trigger programming.
Titan allows you to set:
Trigger sensitivity
Pre-cocking mode
Fire selector mode
Burst mode
Rate of fire
Low battery warnings
Battery protection
Delays between shots (sniper delay)