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AGM MP056B is an authentic replica of the German StG 44 (MP 44) automatic rifle, superbly crafted from metal, sure to delight airsoft players and reenactors alike. Primarily made of aluminum and steel, it offers unparalleled build quality. The metal gas tube, barrel shroud, and spacious 400-round hi-cap magazine ensure an authentic gaming experience. The wooden stock, with a designated space for the battery, adds a realistic look and user comfort. The horizontally-operating fire mode selector and the ability to adjust the hop-up system by opening the shell ejection cover are features that make this replica not only visually appealing but also exceptionally functional and appealing to advanced enthusiasts.

The heart of this MP 44 replica is a robust gearbox v2, filled with reinforced components that ensure exceptional performance and durability.
steel gears mounted on 8mm bearings
chrome cylinder
directional piston head with bearings
metal spring guide
130 m/s spring, the factory version achieves a muzzle velocity of 430 FPS
The set includes:
Sturmgewehr 44 German assault rifle replica
400rd hi-cap magazine