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The Chest Rig is used by soldiers to store ammunition, magazines and other necessary items in situations where a plate carrier or body armor vest is not needed, e.g. for patrol, recon and vehicle operations. It provides better mobility, faster movement and allows trouble-free access to pouches, e.g. for faster mag reloading. It has pouches for carrying rifle magazines, pistol mags, radio or other multifunctional tools and basic medical kits. Adjustable harness ensures correct weight distribution and allows to be adjusted to the size of each operator. Equipped with tapes, buckles and handles thanks to which additional accessories and tactical equipment can be mounted on them, including a flashlight, PTT, CAT, knife, reservoir tube, hand grenade and smaller pouches. During assault operations, thanks to the Buckle Up system, it can be easy attache on a plate carrier retaining the original configuration of the equipment because it is not necessary to transfer any equipment from one platform to another, thus we can quickly prepare for battle during the mission, for example, when we need ballistic protection.