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The PX9 submachine gun replica is like the little brother of the NEMESIS model by Classic Army.

This model is a great proposition for beginner CQB players.
Most of the external elements, apart from the sights, guides and the stock's foot, were made of polymer.

This contributed to reducing the weight and price of this replica.

The stock offers RIS rails that allow for the installation of additional equipment and QD assembly points.
The stock has two positions, fully retracted or extended. The stock also has a place for the battery, which is very easy to access. The polymer rotary hop-up chamber ensures easy and precise adjustment.
The decorated outlet is screwed on a standard 14 mm left-hand thread. Which allows the installation of a wide range of silencers or barrel extensions.

An unexpected advantage of the presented submachine gun is the programmable mosfet system. Which, in combination with a flat trigger, gives many possibilities and a great feel for the replica.
The MOSFET system has five possible settings:
1. Safe-Semi-Full
2. Safe-Semi-3 Shot Burst
3. Safe-3 Shot Burst-Full
4. Safe-5 Shot Burst-Full
5. Safe-Semi-Semi

The MOSFET system protects the battery against deep discharge during use.
Remember not to leave an unused replica with the battery attached. This may damage the battery or the MOSFET.

The set includes:
  • PX9 replica
  • 120rd Mid-cap magazine