S&T M3A2 Grease Gun

S&T M3A2 Grease Gun

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M3 Submachine gun (SMG), or named Grease Gun, was an US made open bolt type SMG adopted by US Army in 1942 during the WWII. In 1941, the US Army observed the effectiveness of the SMGs in Western Europe, like the German 9mm MP40 and British Sten Gun, hence initiated a study to develop its own Sten-type SMG in 1942. In 1944, M3A1 was developed as an improved version of the Grease Gun.

Most of the M3 or M3A1 was produced for champered .45 ACP ammo, and 1000 pcs of the M3 equipped with an integral sound suppressor (designed by Bell Laboratories). Also, around 25000 pcs of M3 was champered 9mm luger ammo which has a different barrel, bolt carrier and magazine well from the .45 M3s. It can directly use with Sten magazine or the a replacement 9mm STEN magazine. The 9mm version M3 also comes in conversion kits, but only 500 kits be obtained.

Features :
Realistic outlook for the M3A1 Grease Gun.
Another perfect choice for the WWII Reenactment.
Aluminum made outer barrel.
One piece Stamped Steel made body frame and steel made retractable stock.
Fix front and rear sight included.
This AEG will put on safe when the dust cover was closed or pull the bolt plate to the end.
Adjustable hopup system.
Store up to 8.4V mini type battery or 7.4V Lipo battery inside the handgrip.
Ready to go for 300 – 310 FPS without modification.
Included 520 rds Hi-Cap Magazine.


Specifications :
Length : 580mm / 780mm (stock extended)
Inner Barrel Length : 225mm
Shooting Mode : Safety, Full-Auto
Weight (Gram): 3150 (gun with magazine), 4000 (With Box)
Gearbox Type : S&T custom gear box
Color : Olive Drab
Power Source : 8.4V mini type battery or 7.4V Lipo battery
Magazine Capacity : 520 rounds
Materials : Steel, Aluminum
Bullet Type : 6mm BB
Power (Muzzle Velocity) : 300 – 310 FPS
Manufacturer: S&T