TM VSR-10 G Spec

TM VSR-10 G Spec

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Tokyo Marui have built a name for the innovators of all things airsoft since the 1980's, and the world of the airsoft sniper is no exception.

The VSR-10 GSPEC is the game in town. Manufactured in Japan, specially designed specifically for 1 joule, this rifle is solid, compact, quiet, and deadly accurate. It comes equipped with a top rail to easily add a magnified scope, and also with a silencer to help deaden the noise of the piston hitting home! Light enough to facilitate running around easily, and quiet enough not to be found out when firing.

Many have cloned the VSR, although no one has really equaled its performance. Most need a lot of work (and money) to get anywhere close to the reliability and accuracy of the Tokyo Marui VSR

Using their renowned hop up rubbers, this rifle easily outshoots the competition - you aim, squeeze the trigger, and smile at the ease of it all!

These rifles come in two colors, either OD Green or Black.


  • Fires at: 290fps
  • Weighs: 2.09kg
  • Length: 1135mm
  • Gun comes with 3 month warranty