Tokyo Marui - Glock 18C EBB

Tokyo Marui - Glock 18C EBB

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Excellent finishing and texturing for an EBB, this 18C looks very much like the more expensive gas blowback versions. Breech cover recesses and opens up when slide is pulled back. Big fat grip gives it a feeling of mass despite it’s relatively light weight. Operates on 4AAA batteries (sold separately) stored in the pistol grip. Selector switch allows both semi and full-auto fire, with slide recoil on each shot. Removable stick type magazine stores 17 rounds. Full auto delivers an impressive 4 rounds per second – which will send your opponents diving for cover (slide cycles on each shot in full auto as well for great visual appeal!) Lots of fun and impressive to look at make this pistol good value for money.

AAA batteries are sold separately and can be purchased at any supermarket of convenience store! Recommend to use alkaline type batteries for best results!

Reel Steel History

Glock series with more than 30 different variations deployed, with Glock 17 as the lead. Among them, the model which had been regarded as vision for many years is Glock 18 and Glock 18 C which is an improved model. 
Glock 18, developed under the auspices of GEK Cobra (currently EKO Cobra) against Austria, can be launched in cycles over a general sub machine gun, while being compact It was difficult to control the full auto launch, and in the early stage it extended the barrel and opened the port, suppressing the muzzle jump (jumping up the muzzle). In Glock 18C, open the port on the slide and barrel, and reduce the muzzle jump by the launch gas blowing from it. In addition, the rear site is largely hollowed out, and the weight balance for the space left on the slide is optimized.