Umarex / VFC MP7A1 GBB ( ASIA Edition / Black )

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Muzzle Velocity (0.20g): approx. 330 fps (1.00 Joule) The mentioned value has been measured by ourselves and will be frequently remeasured. Variations of +/- 10% or more are possible. Suggested Gas: Standard Performance Green Gas 500ml (Nimrod) / Professional Performance Red Gas 500ml (Nimrod) VFC ist the latest company to introduce a MP7 GBB into the fold. It features fully licensed Heckler & Koch markings and is the first 1:1 scale model on market. Not only does it look like masterpiece out of the box, it's solid, sturdy and very light weight which is something you definitely want in an MP7. It weight a little less than the real steel MP7 by Heckler & Koch, but that doesn't matter at all. Not only does it look great, but firing the MP7 will most certainly bring a grin to your face with a hard kick and a scarily fast rate of fire. You really don't want to be on the receiving end of this MP7 as it can challenge both KWA and Tokyo Marui in both performance and reliability on the field. The stock can fully extend, allowing you to shoulder it comfortably whilst slightly off center under your color bone. It's completely ambidextrous the VFC MP7A1 is perfect for those up close encounters. Its iron sights feature 2 settings, low profile tri-dot sights, as well as the higher profiled rifle sights. This version has an integrated folding grip for accuracy and fast reaction time. Hop-Up: Adjustable Shooting Mode: Semi and full automatic Magazine capacity: 40 rds Length: 640 mm Length (folded): 418 mm Inner barrel length: 240 mm Thread: 11mm CW Caliber: 6mm Weight: 1.8 kg