WE Desert Warrior 5.1 pistol replica

WE Desert Warrior 5.1 pistol replica

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Desert Warrior 5.1 replica by WE was manufactured with highest care for smallest details. The lock, body and pistol magazine are made from metal. The only elements of the replica made from polymer are the grip linings - just like in the original firearm. The linings are exchangable and possess an antislip texture. The quality and fitting of elements can be felt the instance one takes the replica in one’s hand. Materials used in construction make the weight of the replica closely resemble that of the original firearm. 
Safety mechanisms in the replica are fully functional like those in the original firearm. The first safety is located at the back of the grip, which enables the user to fire a shot after appropriately positioning one’s hand. The second safety is a wing safety that blocks the lock. A 22mm RIS mounting rail is located under the barrel, which allows for attachment of various accessories such as tactical flashlight or laser sight.

Thanks to the implementation of a strong Blow-Back system, WE managed to get the usage of this replica as close to the usage of the original firearms as possible. The system set the lock in motion, which is pulled back after each shot and after empyting of the magazine, stays in retracted position. This imitates recoil of the replica and in a large degree boosts the experience and pleasure from firing.

The replica features a metal magazine, which next to the Green Gaz tank stores 15 BBs.

The set includes:

- a replica
- a magazine